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LL LED Safety Dog Collar - USB

LL LED Safety Dog Collar - USB

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Celebrate safe, nighttime strolls with our USB LED collars, shining in blue, pink, red, yellow, green. Each collar is a beacon of protection, ensuring visibility for every breed.

🐾 Find Your Fit:

  • XS (11-15 in): Charming for Chihuahuas, tiny terriers, and petite pugs.
  • S (14-16 in): Superb for small terriers, pugs, beagles, and miniature poodles.
  • M (14.5-18 in): Matched for medium pitbulls, beagles, border collies, and standard poodles.
  • L (16-20.5 in): Lovely for larger terriers, bulldogs, boxers, and small Labs.
  • XL (16-22 in): Excellent for basset hounds, Dobermans, shepherds, and large retrievers.

With sizes from XS to XL, our LED collars light up your pup's path, from the smallest of miniatures to the grandest of goldens. Secure a Lakeside Leash LED Safety collar, and light the way in style

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